Onke Cetywayo
BSc (HONS) Computer Science
University of the Western Cape
Supervisor: Professor Bill Tucker

Onke Cetywayo

AbstractThe main objective for this project is to establish an ‘educate yourselves’ platform called Zifundeleni for the Zenzeleni community network project. It is driven by the struggles faced by communities who are part of the Zenzeleni community network project. These problems can include how to connect to the network, how to repair power supply, how to configure devices (network and mobile) and how to learn about the network itself if a community member was absent during installation. Yet another challenge is whereby communities experience extraordinary times like these of Covid-19 where by physical contact is prohibited. Zifundeleni is thereby able to address these issues by offering a digital learning platform to allow its users to bridge the gap of physical prohibition to community learning events. The structure for this document is based on the research conducted about community networks and the history of education mechanisms for self enhancement. Crowdsourcing and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) are two useful tools in the process of developing this idea. Furthermore, future work is intended to expand the app to also allow users to purchase vouchers and learn how to load the voucher.

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Term One – Analysis

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